Sunday, April 10, 2011


with thanks and apologies to Mr. Robert Frost

one road diverges, splits, in a mountain valley
one road, two lanes, multiplies
becomes two roads, three lanes

one (two lanes) cutting a swath along the river
mirroring its size and journey
until the bridge, where
road and river switch sides
before continuing

one road, now one lane, climbing back and forth,
around and upward, until a view of the
mirrored road is afforded

before the view, pavement crumbles to gravel
the road narrows, trees encroaching,
untaming what once was wild

when the view arrives, surprised by visitors
the mirrored road is distant
and the sun much nearer


one road becomes two, diverging in the valley;
I took the one toward the
mountaintop before returning
to the road more traveled

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