Friday, April 22, 2011

God Is Dead

Time Magazine asked
on its cover
~ April 8, 1966 ~
"Is God Dead?"

Is G-d dead?, or maybe
is our world so far from the
Faith of our Fathers, that
there's no way back? or,

has soccer, or
perceptions of hypocracy, or even
the New York Times
taken over Sunday morning?

do we now somnambulate
through worship, when we
bother to show up at all?
Is G-d Dead?

Time Magazine pondered publically,
on that 1966 Good Friday ~
the answer, that day: obviously yes.
without question, G-d Is Dead.

I wonder, did the magazine, and
soccer moms coming from yoga, and
sleep-walking pew-sitters ~
did they wait? do we wait?

trusting that today, G-d Is Dead;
and that death may not be
the last word? that death, inevitable,
does not tell the whole story

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