Tuesday, April 12, 2011


amid pain and grief and sorrow
i can only beg or steal or borrow
the grace
to embrace
in the face of my neighbor
the savior

but technology
follows me
pushing and prodding
never negotiating
always anticipating
the next big thing
(the pace we race
like running rodents
prostituting potential)
staring at screens
until we eventually
connect so much to the virtual
we miss out on what is actual

can you enter
community on the web?
is it, as for a spider, where
we are caught up
wrapped up
in a net, not
of neutrality
but squandered morality

doesn't seem like community
to me

until we embrace each other
like sister and brother
(is that too trite a line
for our post-modern time?)
our pain and grief and sorrow
hang on until tomorrow
then death ~ followed by resurrection
and new connection
as we are embraced
by divine, unearned, grace

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