Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Healing / Wholeness

we search for healing
we think of
the gift of
the practice of
medicine -
vaccines and ultrasound
scans and surgeries -
grow out of the
God-given gift of
knowledge build on knowledge
genius informing experience
informing genius knowledge
of how to piece back together
body and mind

but sometimes,
healing doesn't come quickly enough
sometimes healing doesn't come on our schedule
sometimes doesn't come according to our plan

sometimes, the healing we want
never comes

unfortunately, in our life
we may never escape
a broken body

but in faith,
though we may never escape
our illness
- at least, as we seek escape through medicine

though we may never
escape illness
wholeness most certainly is possible
even while illness remains

and resultant
spiritual health,
are gift from G-d
G-d, who endured the shame of death
divine body broken, unhealed
G-d, who endured pain and death
in order that we would know
the wholeness of resurrection
the wholeness of new life
even now,
whether or not medicine is any help

though illness may remain
G-d gives wholeness
through divine
and unmerited

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