Friday, April 1, 2011

memories of a frog in a bog

a frog in a bog
came out of my pencil
in seventh grade,
hopping onto the page
bringing the bog
(and a log) in tow

the contest was
though i didn't enter

still, when the results
and poems/stories/essays
were published
we were all excited ~
who would win?
what did they write?
what would it be like
to see your name
your friend's name
in print?

in typical fashion
i forgot the day
was the day
a normal day
seventh grade, like
every other
was transformed
when a frog
with a log
in a bog
was top dog

i only understood
that the assignment
'write a poem'
wasn't for a grade
when i was handed the
winners page
bearing my
smudged name
in aromatic ink

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