Friday, March 1, 2013

Lenten Midweek Reflection on Psalm 27

My home, when the blizzard drops snow incessantly
falling vertically onto my roof
and falling horizontally into my walls
and rattling the windows
my home is safe and secure
and I sip warm tea
huddled underneath a quilt

but when I go out,
the pellets of snow assail and devour my face
even as my feet struggle to find purchase
so they can do their job of remaining underneath me

and the shelter of my car is temporary
and tenuous
as I have to navigate slippery streets
and avoid other drivers

I may or may not be protected
by the divine
from the weather and dangers of the road
still, when I return to my home
it is as if I am resting in the shelter
of the God of the universe

my tea and my quilt, they comfort me

but do not give me up, O God
to the will of my adversaries
or especially to the will of your adversaries

I know that my home brings me comfort
and protection from the sting of the snow
from the bitter of the cold
yet so many of your children
do not have shelter
I know the food in my pantry
will fill my belly and warm my body
yet so many of your children
are hungry
I know I am protected by your strength
and need not fear your enemies
yet so many of your children are not safe
are not secure

I believe I will see the goodness of the Lord
here, in the land of the living
and I believe that, once I recognize the goodness of the Lord
I believe that sharing the goodness of the Lord
will probably begin with me

and with you.

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