Friday, March 15, 2013

Lenten Midweek Reflection on Psalm 32


I am curved in on myself
and lack the concern for others I should have
I am selfish,
wanting for me before, and more than, for others
I am afraid
wishing that I can do enough to earn the favor of the divine

I know these things about me
(and I expect they're true of you ?)
I know these things about me
yet seem to not be able to move beyond
selfishness, greed, envy, deceit, cowardice …
are they
character flaws?
focus areas to improve on?
topics for self-improvement?
or plain old, regular and ordinary,

the latter, I expect ...

sin, to which
I am in bondage, and cannot free myself

Yet, happy are we
(not that we revel in sin)
happy are we
that our sin is put away
happy are we
that we have the opportunity to return to the Lord our God
happy are we
for God does not seek us out to condemn the world
but in order that the world will be saved

happy are they, we,
whose transgressions are forgiven
rejoice in the Lord
shout for joy

let our prayers of thanksgiving rise like incense
and may our prayers remind us, as well
that even when we are not happy, we are beloved by God.

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