Monday, March 18, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain

Day Two on the Natchez Trace Parkway with the Fuller Center for Housing Spring Bicycle Adventure today, and we encountered almost every single type of rain possible through the course of the day. 

Before we left one of the most mission-minded and hospitable congregations in the world, it just started to sprinkle a little bit.  Intermittent light showers gave way to stronger rain which soaked us from above as it fell, from in front as we rode, and from below as our tires kicked water up into our faces and skunk-striped our backs.

There were a few moments that it didn't actively rain on us, times when millions of tiny drops clouded our vision almost like fog, times when huge drops pelted our faces and shoulders ... and a couple of us even though there was a moment or two of hail.

The rain, and the somewhat-cold that came with it, didn't dampen our mood too much, but we were all relieved to get to the warmth of the Collinwood United Methodist Church.

We're having a fantastic adventure so far, and it's a tremendous joy for me to be with my dad and my daughter.  I think maybe I'll write more on the experience of being with family in the next couple of days.


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