Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lent Midweek Reflection on Psalm 63

Ever been thirsty?
ever been hungry?

the kind of thirsty where it's hard to breathe
it takes 45 seconds just to moisten your tongue
you can't imagine another moment without water
and taking a drink preoccupies your thoughts completely

ever been thirsty?

ever been hungry?

the kind of hungry where your stomach has stopped rumbling
a handful of raisins would fill you up
and simply standing up makes you lightheaded
ever been hungry?

in that way, my flesh faints for you, O God
my soul thirsts
as my throat in a desert

the world around me says
get yourself a drink
make yourself some food
but why do I spend my time on that which does not fill me
my energy on what does not satisfy?

so I turn, again and again
to you, the author and giver of all life

because though I try,
I can do nothing without you
though my culture's praise of independence
propels me from your presence
still my soul thirsts for you
to drink deeply from your love, from your grace

and though I try to stray,
still you seek me out, bring me back
welcome me into the arms of your mercy
Ever been hungry?
ever been thirsty?

my soul hungers and thirsts for you, O God
lead me beside still waters
restore me with living water
the bread of life, the cup of salvation.

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