Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Week Away

The Bicycle Adventure is getting close.  One week from today, I drive away from Denver with my dad and one other guy.

We're headed to Nashville, where we'll meet the twenty-something other people who we'll travel for a week on our bikes down the Natchez Trace Parkway

I might even have the chance, if the weather holds, to get some miles in on my bike tomorrow and/or the next day.  I've spent plenty of time on our stationary recumbent bike in the basement.  But if the saddle on my bike is like a wooden kitchen chair, then the seat on the recumbent is like a couch that you sink deep in to with a good book.  And the saddle on my bike is not nearly as plush as a wooden kitchen chair. 

Many people, though, endure much worse than saddle sores ~ I'll be fine.

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  1. His Dad would put a link in Geezerlog to go to HikerRev if he knew how.