Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Getting Close

The date is getting closer. We leave in just a couple days ~ I'm almost ready to consider that we leave in not too many hours ~ for the FullerCenter Spring Bicycle Adventure.

Early Thursday morning, I'll be driving away from Denver, headed east to Kansas City, and the next day off to Nashville. Eighteen hours in an RV gets us to a new place and to the beginning of new relationships.

Over the course of the following week, we'll have six days of cycling and one day of building. We'll have quite a few hours of saddle time to travel the 400+ miles from Nashville to Jackson ~ plenty of hours on the bike, around dinner tables, and wherever else we find ourselves; plenty of time to build relationships with each other.

But more importantly, we're bringing with us thousands of dollars of contributions to the Fuller Center ~ money they'll use to provide safe and comfortable housing for folks who need help breaking the oppression of our capitalist system.

See, the Fuller Center doesn't give away free houses ~ the Fuller Center doesn't give away free home repair. The Fuller Center builds comfortable homes and makes repairs to provide a measure of safety, and the Fuller Center expects the folks for whom the work is done to pay for the work.

What the Fuller Center doesn't expect is for folks to be burdened by ridiculous and all-consuming debt in order to have an adequate home to live in.

There are still financial transactions ~ folks still pay for their homes and home repairs. The thing, though, is that the Fuller Center has removed from the transactions the concern over market forces and any preoccupation with profit.

In addition, the 'normal' ways our society determines worthiness to own a nice home (financial wealth, high standing in society, etc.) are discarded. Instead, the determination that someone deserves safe and comfortable home is made based on whether or not they currently have a safe and comfortable home.

So, while I'm excited about relationships, and about spending a full week traveling with people I don't know yet, I'm most excited about being a small part of the transformational work being done by the Fuller Center. And if you want, there's still time for you to make a contribution to the work they do.


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