Saturday, March 17, 2012

Days Six and Seven ~ Houston (MS) to Kosciusko to Jackson

Days six and seven on the Natchez Trace were beautiful. The weather, a little cool in the morning, and sunny & warm by afternoon, was perfect. The scenery, cypress forests and family farms and tornado devastation and a picturesque reservoir, took our breath away for most of both days.

I rode at the very back of the group on day six. Every day on the bike, two riders volunteer to 'sweep', or to make sure that we know where the back is and that no one ever rides alone at the back of the group.

The ride was leisurely, relaxed, and I reminded myself again of the joy of riding a bicycle. Perhaps the best moment of the day was when my co-sweep, Jonas, saw a dead armadillo in the road ahead ~ which he proceeded to bunny-hop at about 15 miles per hour.

Today, day seven, I rode at the front. There were between five and seven of us in a paceline, working together to ride faster than most of us could on our own. We haven't known each other very well for very long, but we were able to work together to move down the road quickly. And I reminded myself again, as we were flying down the highway, of the joy of riding a bicycle.

It was an amazing week with a really remarkable group of people ~ enjoying one another's company and participating in an activity about which we're all passionate, all while contributing to improving the world of which we're all a part.

I'm kind of looking forward to next year.

Let the adventure continue.

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