Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day (-) Two

The adventure has (sort-of) begun ~ sort-of, because although the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure doesn't really begin 'til tomorrow (Friday) night, I'm spending Thursday and Friday traveling. 

This morning, before the sun came up, I left Denver with my dad and with Bob (you probably don't know Bob), traveling in Bob's RV.

We watched the sun come up through the windshield, and we rolled into the western edge of Kansas City, KS as the sun was approaching the horizon behind us, having spent the day traversing the beautiful prairie and rolling hills of Eastern Colorado and Kansas.

I'm barely a day into this adventure (which really doesn't start 'til Saturday), and already I've had the chance to meet some fascinating people.  We're staying with friends of Bob (remember Bob?  you probably haven't met Bob yet), who he's known for years.  They've welcomed us into their home and provided dinner, a place to sleep, and very interesting conversation. 

Tomorrow night we should be in Nashville. 

Let the adventure continue.

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