Sunday, April 29, 2012

We Have A Choice

It seems to me that where some people see a problem, others see a gift or an opportunity. For instance, this morning the congregation I serve gathered for worship … you know, like we do every Sunday.

Like many congregations, we have two worship services each week. And, like many congregations, individual members and households tend to come to one or the other of those two worship services.

At our later worship service this morning, I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed a little extra noise from some of the children who were there. It's not the first time that the noise of children has been noticeable, and for my part I always like hearing young people in worship.

Not everyone does, though, and I understand the reaction. If a person has come to worship for a bit of calm in the midst of a hectic life, or if they've come to hear scripture in new ways, or to sing songs, or to hear a sermon that might impact their upcoming week, a loud child might be distracting. I understand.

But this morning, as I was listening and looking around, I started noticing who was there and I started counting. Almost 25% of the people at that worship service were under the age of 8. Almost 25%.

Sure, those almost 25% were making some noise. But I started thinking that the rest of us (who know how to 'behave' in church) have a choice to make. One choice we can make is to complain about the noise.

Another, and I'd say a better, choice we can make would be to celebrate the truth that our congregation is a place where parents want to bring their children; to celebrate that we have a chance to share the faith that has enriched our own lives so much with another generation.

And maybe we can also celebrate the truth that these young people, who Jesus called to himself, might have something to teach us about how to recognize the Reign of G-d.



  1. I didn't notice the noise at all today. ;)

  2. Right on Matthew! We had a man (93 years old) in our congregation who said the most wonderful thing. He uses the sound enhancement headphones we have to help people with hearing loss and he told us that he didn't like them because, "Now I can't hear the babies crying and I need to hear those little ones."
    Such a beautiful statement.