Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's about to begin

Soon enough it will begin.  I'm thinking about the presidential campaign.  Obviously I realize that one party has been campaigning already, working to decide who will be their nominee. 

I paid a little attention to the primary contests, mostly out of curiosity.  It was interesting to watch the potential candidates work to position themselves in what they thought was the best way; working to convince voters which of them would be the best candidate for their party to put forward in the fall. 

Now that most of the doubt about that issue is past, I suspect the two major parties will begin taking earnest and sincere jabs at each other; and I have to say, even before it's really started, I'm kind of sick of the mean things they'll say about each other. 

I'm going to try really hard to not listen.  Except, I will be listening for one particular item.  I'm going to be listening for whether the only Christian values mentioned have to do with sex and marriage.  I don't even care which 'side' talks about sex and marriage, or how they talk about sex and marriage.  I don't care whether I agree with their perspective or not.  I don't want to hear about sex and marriage, particularly as Christian moral issues. 

When it comes to Christian moral issues, I say we should follow the bible.  It's fine to talk about sex and marriage, since the bible talks about sex and marriage.  But the bible also talks about the moral issue of poverty.  In fact, the bible talks about poverty over 2000 times, and about sex only a handful. 

I'm pretty sure, based on the bible, that poverty is a more important moral issue than sex of any variety.  So, let's talk about sex and marriage, but I'll be listening for the candidates to alleviate poverty first (or at least talk about poverty as an issue of faith and morality) ~ that seems biblical to me. 


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