Monday, July 4, 2011

a prayer for the 4th

let freedom ring
across our nation
for me and for my american dream

let freedom ring
for immigrants today
just as freedom beckoned
my own ancestors to these
self-proclaimed hallowed shores

let freedom ring
in the workplace,
that workers, managers, and owners
are free from the bonds of poverty
and free from the shackles of
excessive wealth

let freedom ring
all across the globe
freedom from tyranny, and
freedom for self-determination
even when their opinion
doesn't match ours
even if they won't end up
emulating us

let freedom from warfare
ring loudest of all
freedom from our national
addiction to violence, and
give us freedom from our
national need for
perceived superiority;

let freedom ring -
freedom discovered in
humility and service

may we recognize and honor
every nation under G-d;
may G-d bless america
and may G-d bless
(just as much)
all of G-d's children in
every nation.


  1. amen, and amen! thank you for your words