Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Last Night's Rain

last night's rain
keeps this morning
still cool
today will warm,
but the morning still
- along with my steaming tea -
provides respite and
anticipatory sanctuary
from noon's heat

later i'll see him,
sleeping bag draped over a
shopping cart -
last night's rain treated
me better than it did him

someone used to camp in that bag,
high in the mountains.
it's been rained on before;
only for a minute, though,
waiting for the seam-sealed tent,
fly pulled taught against
mountain wind and stinging sleet,
to be erected -
then, down comfort sheltered in a
nylon sanctuary

today there's a new sleeping bag
lighter, more compact
that didn't experience last night's rain,
so the old, given away,
now dries on a shopping cart and
with luck and dry sunshine
will provide some comfort
against tonight's rain

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