Tuesday, January 25, 2011

pilgrim grace

ositnato refrain echoing
one voice to another
one voice from the other
one side and the other
back and forth
as we make our pilgrimage
one after another
to receive grace
to receive transformation from
life to death

throughout this (baptismal) journey
one side echoes the other
from across the aisle
until we meet one another,
pilgrims from far away
though the distance only spans
a simple sanctuary, simply
recalling so many pilgrims
of so many ages

when we meet in the aisle,
our voices - far apart a moment ago -
blend together nearer to our ear
as the sound still blends
above our heads, carrying
our prayer to G-d - and from heaven
our prayer echoes back
resounding through our midst
as we make pilgrimage
toward grace

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