Tuesday, January 4, 2011

incarnate eucharist

in the beginning, G-d spoke,
and speaking, G-d created
created the heavens and the earth
the seas and all that is in them
the earth and all its vegetation
the skies, the sun and moon

and speaking, G-d created us, created humans
created us male and female
embodied and enfleshed and inspired (in-spirited)
in the image of G-d

G-d speaks, and in speaking, creates
and in creating, enters us into
divine relationship with the divine

the Word became flesh and lives among us
G-d enters intimately into our existence,
and reminds us that, from the beginning
creation is good
G-d dwells enfleshed, in a body,
and reminds us that creation is good

despite our perceived need for
new year’s resolutions
the creation is good
despite airbrushed advertisements pushing us to
an unhealthy ideal of physical perfection,
which we know we will never achieve
the creation is good
despite the preponderance of cosmetic surgery
and a botoxic quest for the illusion of youth
the creation is good

healthy and ailing, fit and flabby
young and old,
we gather our physical bodies around a spiritual meal
of real bread and real wine
we take the body of Christ into our selves
and become ourselves the body of Christ

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