Monday, October 11, 2010

what would I do?

What would I do?
faced with Jesus' healing,
what would I do?

Eyes opened by spit and mud,
leprosy washed away
belly full of fish and bread
demons run out into the lake full of pigs
what would I do?

Do I return to give thanks,
do I follow,
or am I too busy?
what if I have my own agenda,
things to get done?
what if I'm too busy sharing
to be bothered with thanksgiving?

What would I do
met by heavenly hosts' Alleluias
or G-d in a crib?
What would I do when Jesus
looks like the gardener
outside His empty tomb?
Do I build a tent on some
mountaintop road to damascus
when Moses and Elijah
swing low in a chariot
to receive tongues of flame?

What would I do?

Why do I have to wonder?
Is G-d's work stuck in the holy land,
held up in the biblical past?

What would I do if I met G-d?
* no ~ that's not the question *
What do I do
when I meet the living G-d

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