Sunday, October 31, 2010


drowned in the waters of baptism
naked and dead, we come up
out of the water
and are greeted by the body of Chirst

the body of Christ:
this community who is
called to welcome the
Lost & Lonely
Broken & Betrayed
Hurting & Healing
Weary & Worn

to welcome, without prerequisite,
expecting nothing but
New Life

but the church falls short
we (rightly) expect more
from those who
profess to believe that G-d is
that G-d grants
that we are saved by G-d's

we expect more from the church,
but the church,
the body of Christ
is broken
the church, too, is in need of


there, on the table
is the bread
Body of Christ,
whole, waiting to be broken
and given to
the broken Body of Christ,
yearning to be whole

so there, around the table
we gather, and are fed
by G-d's Grace and Mercy

then we rise from the
Table of Grace
and turning, we pass again
the Font
where we are bathed -
washed clean -
and where we are drowned
then granted / gifted / graced
with new life
where we together are made one in Christ.

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