Friday, October 8, 2010


rolling over, i stretch and pull the covers down
hearing activity in the other room -
breakfast, coffee,
the clicking of a computer keyboard -
i know it's time to wake

but the bed, warm and inviting
won't release me

i pull the blankets up to my chin
curl up again into the warmth left over
the warmth that held me through the darkness
now gives way (reluctantly?)
to all this day has to offer

but i'm not ready to receive the day's offering
'can't i just wait here for another minute?'
i plead with my better self
so 'just another minute'
becomes five, and five becomes ten
until it's too late to ease into the day

while in the other room,
the boy is up, with questions and stories
that won't wait 'til i've made the tea
and the girl, who is often held by sleep like i am
she's up, so i should be too

so i
throw the discomfort to the wind
with the covers' release
and trust they will be waiting
tomorrow morning
warmed again by the night
not wanting to let me go


  1. you paint a real good picture that makes me want to go back to bed!

  2. How I felt this morning (a change!). And the little one - talking away happily.


  3. So nothing changes.T.O.M.