Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reflections on Psalm 32 from evening prayer




decent picture of Lent
at least as some understand and experience Lent
and a decent picture of this psalm, at least from one angle

happy are we, whose transgression is forgiven
our transgression, our sin, our iniquity, our deceit

happy are we

our turning away from God
thinking that we have the answers
thinking that we can take care of ourselves

our turning in on ourselves, incurvatis in se
wasting us away, drying up our strength
we groan under the weight of the law
which convicts us

turning back to God
we see that God’s face has never turned away
wherever we try to hide, we cannot escape from our God
our God who seeks us out
not for punishment which we deserve
(the law convicts)
but to share with us grace and mercy

turning back to God
confessing our sin/transgression/iniquity/deceit
we hear the message of forgiveness and restoration

be glad in the Lord,
you who God has made righteous
be glad in the Lord
shout for joy

your sin is covered, you who are forgiven

happy are we, be glad in the Lord
rejoice and shout for joy
for we have experienced
for we experience grace and mercy and new life in Christ


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