Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reflections on Psalm 126 from evening prayer

going back home
after exile
after landlessness
after being taken from their home
they get to go back

back to their promised land
back to the land of their ancestors
back to the land given to them by the Lord our God
the Lord restored their fortunes
freed the people again from captivity
freed them from exile

but in this land, once flowing with milk and honey
in this parched land
if it rains, the seed washes away
if the seed stays, the ground is too dry for it to grow

O Lord, restore our fortunes in this land
as you restored the land to us and us to the land

we go out to plant, weeping
full of sorrow
and our faith withers like the crops in a drought
we go out weeping,
longing for life from this promised land
longing for the life you promise
restore the shouts of joy to our lips and laughter to our mouths
restore to us the life you promise
restore to us the joy of your salvation

soon the vine will wither, dying
Oh God, Oh God, do you forsake us?
soon the vine will wither, dying on the tree

restore to us trust in your eternal promise of new life
restore to us shouts of joy at bountiful harvests
restore to us homecomings filled with laughter
restore to us the joy of your promised salvation.


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  1. Wow. Good stuff, bro. Thank you for sharing!