Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lent, Week Four

During this season of Lent, I'm writing reflections based on the psalm assigned for each Sunday by the Revised Common Lectionary (look it up, if you want), and sharing those with the congregation I serve when we gather for Evening Prayer on Wednesday evenings. This reflection is from April 2, week four, and is based on Psalm 23
we’re so far removed,
            most of us,
      from sheep and shepherds
            the Lord may as well be my
                  blacksmith, or my

people still do those things
      but they’re not so ubiquitous as they once were
tentmakers & blacksmiths & shepherds are,
      you may be aware
            no longer part of everyday life

but though we may not know shepherds
            or tentmakers or blacksmiths
      we all know shadows
      we all know death

what scares you?
            spiders, or snakes
            school …
                  or graduation?

what keeps you up at night?
            taxes? rent? grades?

what twists you up deep inside?
            divorce? unemployment?
                  life-sapping illness?
                        (your own, or a beloved’s)

it may not be today,   
      but we live in the promise
            that we’re not so far removed
                  from the shepherd
            that we’re not so far removed
                  from the table prepared for us
      we live with hope in the promise
      that our soul will be granted
      that we will be led beside
                  and are not so far removed from
            still water

      that we are led beside
                  and not so far removed from
            the living water springing up to eternal life

Thanks be to God.

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