Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lent, Week Five

During this season of Lent, I'm writing reflections based on the psalm assigned for each Sunday by the Revised  Common Lectionary (look it up, if you want), and sharing those with the congregation I serve when we gather for Evening Prayer on Wednesday evenings. This reflection is from April 9, week five, and is based on Psalm 130
You ever sing the blues?
      ever play the blues?
Once I found myself on stage
            playing the blues
      12 bars later, I was lost
            transported beyond myself by
                  musical catharsis


the blues
            down in the dumps
            feeling low down
the blues
      a state or spell of low spirits


out of the depths
      I cry to you, O Lord
down in the dumps, I cry
      feeling low down, I cry
      singing the blues, I cry to you, O Lord

out of my depths I cry
      and in my depths, I know you hear


speaking, or singing, my blues
            giving voice to my cries
      allows space for my own identity
            to be transported beyond the blues
      allows space within my self
            within my very self
for my self to recognize that God is present
      for me to enter into divine embrace


though speaking, sharing, singing
            does not magically, or immediately
                  or necessarily
      automatically change my reality
            still I cry out
                  trusting that God,
                        who has passed through through the gates of Hell
                              about as low down as you can get
                  trusting that God, in our crying out
                        in our blues lamentation
            trusting that in our crying out to our God
                  we are ourselves invited into
                        the presence of the divine

and we allow ourselves
            to expect to be
      transported beyond the blues, beyond
            our lamentation, beyond
            our selves

and into the promise of
      the presence of
            divine redemption

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