Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bicycle Adventure

I'm getting excited. In just over a week, I drive away from my home, bound for Nashville. And in just about 12 days, thirty of us will climb onto bicycles and ride out of Nashville.

I'm riding in the Fuller Center for Housing Spring Bicycle Adventure fund-raiser, and (like I mentioned) I'm getting excited.

What's exciting is to have the opportunity to meet new people ~ the folks I'll be riding with, and the people we'll meet along the way. What's exciting is to raise money in support of affordable housing. And what's exciting is to see how well I'll hold up sitting on a bike for that far. 

I'm getting so excited, that I've watched a couple bicycle-related movies while I've been sitting on the trainer.  Last week, it was Quicksilver.  I remember watching that movie long ago and (like many people) being transfixed by the idea of working as a bicycle messenger.  Kevin Bacon makes it look so appealing.

Then, last night I watched The Triplets of Belleville, a beautiful and mesmerizing animated film.  I was entranced for the entire film by the artistry and the storytelling.  It's well worth the watch.  

And before I leave next week, I'll be finding time to watch The Flying Scotsman

I'll be blogging about the ride, so you can follow along if you're interested. And if you want, feel free to make a contribution to my fund-raising efforts.


  1. We should have an official media/photographer person along.