Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rain in April

i remember the rain in November -
cold, cutting through layers of
jackets, sweaters, hats, wool socks
that were just down from the closet

but rain after months of sun
cuts more than the vernal downpour
we got today ~ in November,
what do you expect but the onset
of cold - its own blessing, to be sure -

April rain delivers the promise of red
tomatoes and watermelon, frisbees
in the park thrown through the smell of
roasting meat, and the incessant off-key
jingle announcing overpriced ice cream

~ shoulder season storms create liminal
spaces, when the future gets washed over us
in brief glimpses, like abundant grace
in baptismal waters - and we can
wander nursery aisles, pondering new life
and promises; a long way from November

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