Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Post-Election Prayer for a Christian? Nation

The election is over, and we know the results.  This is good news even if for only one reason ~ that we won't be inundated with political advertising until at least after the inauguration.

Like many of you, my seven readers, I've been sickened by the amount of partisan bickering that we've been exposed to over the course of this election cycle.

More than that, I've been sickened by the amount of money that has been spent on advertising.  What if only 10% ... or even just 1% ... of that money had been set aside for the poor and vulnerable instead of going to line the pockets of executives and investors?

Now that the campaign and election are over, I suppose that my prayer would be this:
  • that no matter what laws are passed or repealed; 
  • that no matter what policies are implemented or what compromises are struck; 
  • that no matter which person or party is seen as the winner or loser on any particular issue 
  • that, above all, the priority of the government, and of our nation, would be to care for the poorest and most vulnerable populations.  
This alone, in my opinion, would make us a Christian Nation.


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