Saturday, September 10, 2011

What do you believe?

It seems to me that our western culture is plagued by an overwhelming lack of belief.  Or, maybe not by a lack of belief, but by a lack of belief-backbone.  We seem to be plagued either by the credo 'whatever you want to believe is fine', or by the oppression of 'my way is the only way'. 

Now don't misunderstand ~ I have no need for everyone in the world to believe the same thing as I do. In fact, it seems to me that the tremendous diversity of beliefs and belief systems adds to the beauty of our world.  Furthermore, don't misunderstand me ~ I think it's absolutely necessary that there be a time in people's lives when it's important to not know, yet, what they believe. 

What I have an issue with, though, is that people who know what they believe either, 1) feel like they need to convince you that their way is the only acceptable way, and there's no room for anything else; or 2) are so interested in others figuring things out on their own that they refuse to state their own beliefs for fear of contaminating someone else's faith-journey. 

There has to be something other than these, something that's more healthy.  I, personally, have no need to dictate what anyone believes.  But I also don't need to apologize for what I believe.  Further, if I am able to state my position with confidence, and if I am able to do everything I can to reflect my beliefs in my daily life ~ in short, if I am more confident ~ then those who are figuring things out have an actual, real-life, tangible something to point to. 

It seems to me that if more people lived their beliefs with confidence, while still accepting people who believe something different with grace instead of animosity, we wouldn't have so much made-up, mamby-pamby, doesn't-make-sense, nonsense that passes for faith these days.