Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Children in Worship: something of a rant?

Yes, sometimes children can be loud in worship. Yes, sometimes parents can appear to be somewhat inconsiderate when they don't keep their children quiet. Yes, it's disturbing when it's impossible to hear the sermon because a child in front of you is making enough noise to drown out the preacher.

But what if G-d's plan for this week is for that mom to hear the sermon? What if Holy Spirit has nothing to say to you today through the preaching, and everything to say to you through building relationship with that noisy child when you volunteer to take him out to the narthex so mom can hear the sermon? What if worship becomes less about us getting our needs met, and more about us being willing to meet the needs of others?


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  1. I long for that same thing. Sounds like Kingdom to me. :)