Saturday, March 26, 2011

I wonder

Once in a while, as I'm driving, I notice the people in the cars next to me. I'm pretty good about noticing the cars, but (since the person driving is somewhat irrelevant to my task of staying safe) I don't always pay attention to who's in the car.

Once in a while, though, I do. And whenever I do notice the people in the cars, I wonder who they are and what their story is.
I wonder what kind of work they do.
I wonder where they're going.
I wonder where they're from and how long they've been living where they are.
I wonder if they're financially well off, or if they struggle to pay the bills.
I wonder if they're famous, if they're well-known in their community, or anonymous.

But more than any of that, I wonder if they have found fulfillment in life; I wonder if they're happy.

It seems like we put too much stock in, or rely too much on, wealth and fame for contentment in life. I wonder what the world would be like if most of us recognized that the grass on this side actually is just as green as what we see in the adjacent pasture.



  1. I have totally wondered the same thing. And definitely we as a society are discovering that consumerism is no better tan any other addiction in making for a happy life. My Dad however use to say "money can't buy me happiness but it can buy me the kind of misery I can live with."

  2. You have a cool blog, Matthew.

  3. When I see the expensive cars in particular, I wonder the same thing, as I drive my car into the ground since it must not be at the top of my list of new things needed.