Thursday, December 16, 2010

meditation on Psalm 146:5-10 for Advent midweek evening prayer

We wait, in advent expectation
for the coming of our G-d
for G-d incarnate
to incarnate in our midst.

we wait, joyfully expectant
looking for new life to be embodied
* em-bodied and enfleshed *
by our G-d

New life, from the one
by whose Word
heaven and earth
the seas and all life
was once new

we wait for new heaven
and for new earth as it is in heaven

and we do not wait alone
all creation groans in joyful anticipation
of a new day
when our life is upended
by G-d’s life ~ by G-d’s Word

we wait for a new day
when the broken are made whole
when the blind see
when the lame leap with shouts of that same joyful exuberance

the mighty one will show strength
even (especially?) to the lowly,
lifting them up to stand alongside those brought down from thrones
even (especially?) to the hungry, filling them with good
even (especially?) to prisoners,
freeing us from bondage to the chains of sin

But even as we wait
we are caught holding back
G-d’s other-focused reign
as we turn in on our own thoughts and words and deeds

G-d’s promise, though,
is bigger than our sin
bigger than our shortcomings, our faults
G-d, despite us (or because of us?)
enters into the world
enters into our brokenness

incarnates into our reality
announcing the reign of G-d for all generations

Praise the Lord
who is coming into the world


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