Monday, August 16, 2010


A few times a year, I enjoy participating in races. I certainly am not, and never truly have been, fast enough to say that I race, but I do enjoy participating. I started long ago, running 5k and 10k events when I was a boy. In addition to the running races, we also went on organized bike rides ~ not really races, but I was still nowhere close to the front of the group. I didn't do many races between high school and moving back to Colorado. I probably ran one or two, but mostly I played basketball to pretend like I was in shape.

When we moved back here, it was a couple years before I decided to actually make the leap and register for a triathlon. It only took one and I was hooked. I have been able to participate in at least two or three triathlons per year, with the occasional running event (formerly known as fun run) thrown in there.

I don't think there was ever a race I participated in that I didn't enjoy at least a little bit. Most of the time, I come to recognize partway through the event that I really wish I was in better condition ~ and that's not really enjoyable. Other than that, most races I do enjoy.

But I've noticed something about myself. Even though I do enjoy all the races, I enjoy the ones that are fundraisers more than the others. It doesn't really even matter too much what charitable group will receive the contribution. In fact, I've even gotten to the point where I usually don't even consider registering for races that aren't fundraisers ~ I'd rather put that portion of my money that doesn't cover the cost of staging the race to an organization that could really use it well.

Having said that, I want to make a shameless request of six readers (out of my seven ... see, at least one of you has already made a contribution (thanks for that)). This coming Saturday, I'm participating in an urban adventure race with a couple guys I know from church. The race is a fundraiser for the Colorado chapter of the Make a Wish foundation. I'd like to invite you to go to the race website and make a contribution to the required fundraising for my team, the Sunday Donut Crew. If each of the six of you just $5, we'd meet our requirement ... and you'd be benefiting a worthwhile organization.


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