Saturday, May 22, 2010

Across the Street

across the street
in the house where the neighbor lived ~
the neighbor who died this week,
leaving his wife of many years to live
alone, in the house they built,
and shared for their adult life
the house where their children grew up
the house where the neighbor kids came
bringing cookies and candy to sell
always meeting a kind smile and a
willing wallet
the house where he worked in the yard,
mowing until only recently
and still tending to the watering

across the street, the house has been busy this week
opening its doors for friends
who don’t want her to be alone at a time like this
plenty of folks can stay for a while
so the house doesn’t feel quite so empty
now that he’s gone
across the street, today
they gather in black suits and polished shoes
sharing sympathies, crying together
telling stories before the funeral
across the street, soon, the car will come
the kind driver holding the door, while
they climb in to make their way to the church
across the street, what will happen next week
after the funeral
after the food’s gone?
will friends still come around
to ask how she’s doing?
will she listen,
thinking that’s his car in the driveway?
will the emptiness of her heart lessen
as the emptiness of the house
starts to become normal?


  1. that touched a nerve - I shed a tear; I hope you, across the street, will visit after all those visitors don't come as often

  2. The house will never be truly normal, and hopefully friends will still come around rather than assume everything is fine. A powerful post, and so true.