Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The Holy Days, and holidays, are great ~ we get to celebrate this and that, whether it's a faith thing or a civil thing, or just an excuse to take the day off. The trouble, though, is that Holy Days tend to be busier when you have a leadership role in the life of a faith community. So, while many folks get a break, pastors tend to be a little busier at Christmas and Easter. Plus, those three-day weekends, where the regular Saturday and Sunday have a Monday added on ~ we still end up working in the middle of all that, and then taking our regular day off the following day.

Sometimes it feels like we don't get the same breaks that other folks get. I know that there are many other people who have it worse than I do, but still. I guess it gets balanced out because most weeks, we only work that one day a week, and it's a half-day.

The upshot is that we get to go on a vacation in a couple days. We're going to hang out in San Diego, where it's warm, for a couple days. And we're going to hang out where we can eat whenever we want to for a couple days ... on a cruise ship. The kids are really looking forward to this ~ they've never been on a trip like this ~ it'll be a lot of fun to experience all this with them.

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